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  Where to stay in Krapets (Krapec, Krapetz), Bulgaria

"Saint Marina" Villas


hotel "Yanitsa" ***

"Saint Marina" Complex is located on the main road of the village of Krapets, next to the centre of the village. It offers 3 brand new villas holding 5 self-contained apartments, with double bedroom, living-room, fully equipped kitchen , and bath-room. In the garden full of beautiful flowers you will find a small pool.

Guesthouse "Varna" is situated at the main street of the village of Krapets, just 100m from the Black Sea coast, and about a 1,5 km from the sandy dunes between Krapets and Durankulak. It offers accomodation at four rooms, each one with air condintioner, minibar, wireless Internet, TV set, and views to the Sea.

The Yanitsa hotel is a modern complex opened in 2000. It is situated just 30 meters from the sea beach of Krapets. Yanitsa hotel is a luxurious two-storey building. It has 42 double rooms and 5 apartments, each of them well furnished and looks out on the Black sea.


Guest house "Sasha"

"Krapets Holiday"

"Nadya" & "Vyara"

Guest house “Sasha” is located just 100 meters from the sea coast. It is a perfect place for urban breakout with your family and friends. You can enjoy every minute of your holiday in a safe environment, the serenity of country life and summer breeze. It offers 6 bedrooms and 2 studios with ensuite bathrooms.

Krapets Holiday complex offers four one storey houses for rent - two 2 bedrooms and two with one bedroom. The yard is large, fenced, landscaped, ideal for various games, relax and recreation. The common Club kitchen is fully equipped and has a covered area with tables for about 20 people.

Guesthouses Nadya & Vyara are located close to the center of Krapets, about 300 meters from the sea. Each house has three bedrooms each with its own bathroom and WC. In the yard there is barbeque and a beautiful garden. Here you can enjoy peaceful and cool seaside.


House "Zdravets"

House "KRISI"

Andre's House

"Zdravets impresses with its spacious garden with flowers, vegetables and of course a swimming pool. The guests of the house can stay in double rooms with a separate entrance, air conditioning, refrigerator and a private bathroom. A fully fitted summer kitchen is also available.

House "KRISI" offers you a great opportunity for complete relax. With its location in the beginning of the village of Krapets, it has amazing view of the grain fields of Gold Dobrudja. Available for the guests are one apartment with a tavern, one studio and two double rooms - Comfort .

Andre's house is located on a quiet and peaceful street in the center of the village, 1.5 km from the long beach. It consists of two rooms, equipped kitchen, bathroom, large yard and veranda. The whole house is for rent and the pets are welcome to visit us.


Guesthouse "Krasi"

"Popovata kashta"

Guesthouse "Kotva"

House Krasi is located near the sea (about 100-200 meters), divided into two apartments, each with a separate entrance. Each apartment comprises 2 bedrooms with 2 single beds, with bathroom, kitchen with dining area, and large common porch with nooks and barbecue.

"Popovata kashta" is located in the center of the village of Krapets, 250-300 meters from the beach and the fishing park and only a kilometer from the long natural beach and dunes between near Krapets. The fresh sea air, the greenery of the yard, the calm atmosphere and the proximity of the sea make it a preferred place for recreation.

The house Kotva offers its guests excellent conditions for rest and creative work combined with walks and sunbathing on the beach. It features 2 double bedrooms, Living-room with TV, and fully fitted kitchen. The garden has shady porch and coffee corners.


Guest rooms "Jana"

Guesthouse "Dona"

"Breeze" Villas

Villa "Jana" is situated at main street of Krapets, just 100m from the beach in close proximity to post office, shops, snack bars, and restaurants. The villa is a nice looking 2 storey building with marvelous garden, 2 terraces overlooking the street and small swimming pool.

Guesthouse "Dona" is situated 300 meters away from the sea and offers marvelous conditions for a relaxation, and memorable summer experience at the village of Krapetz. It has 7 rooms, each with ensuite bathroom and the possibility to add a bed for bigger families.

"Breeze" villas are situated at close proximity to center of the village of Krapets, just 150m from the Black Sea coast. Each room has air condintioner and TV set. At the garden you'll find everything you need for opne air dinner for 10 people.


Villa "Borko"

Villa "Bliznachkite"

the "White House"

Villa "Borko" is situated just 100m from the sea beach of Krapec, and about a kilometer from the sand dunes near Krapets and Dourankulak lake. It is nice looking 2 storey property with beautiful garden, big terrace and small swimming pool.

Rooms for rent in villa "Bliznachkite" are very close to the centre of the village Krapets and there are some shops and snack-bars in about 100 metres away. The villa is well-kept and buried in greenery, with a vast place for rest and enjoyment in the open air.

The “White House” is situated 1,5 km from the long beach of the bay near Krapets, the pure nature of the dunes and the wood along the seashore. It's a brand new house (studio) with full privacy and nice garden. Consists of a spacious bedroom, fully equipped kitchen & bathroom.


Gradina - the Garden

Guesthouse "Irina"

Villa "Anna"

The guest house Gradina (the Garden) is located on a quiet street at the beginning of the village Krapets. The guests are offered: 2 double bedrooms, a bathroom and WC, a living/dining-room with a kitchenette and a spacious veranda. Wireless Internet and satellite TV.

House “Irina” is located in the northern part of Krapets, just a kilometer from the endless beaches between Krapets and Durankulak. The house offers three bedrooms with a common bathroom with hydro massage bathtub, fully furnished kitchen and spacious garden.

Villa “Anna” is located near the main street of the village of Krapets, only 200 m. from the beach. The villa has three bedrooms with a shared bathroom, a large verandah and a flower-garden with a barbecue. The villa accommodates 6 adults and 2 children.


"Spasovi" Villa

Guesthouse Angel

Black Sea Pearl Complex

"Spasovi" villa is situated at quiet street just 100m from the Black Sea coast. The Villa is a brand new single storey buildings with common lanscaped garden. It features air condintioners, BBQ, TV set, washing machine, refrigerator, and cooker.

Guesthouse "Angel" offers you convenient, comfortable and fulfilled with good mood holiday in Krapets, just 20 meters away from the coastline. It comprises 8 double rooms and an apartment, with a beautiful panoramic view to the Black Sea or the village.

Black Sea Pearl offers comfortable rooms for two, three or four people. Each room has a private bathroom with toilet and air conditioning. All guests may use a fully equipped summer kitchen with dining area.


  Where to stay near Krapets (Krapec, Krapetz), Bulgaria

Branta Birding Lodge

Viola - Ezerets village

"Rosa" Bozhanovo

Branta Birding Lodge overlooking Durankulak Lake and Black Sea, is located just 3 miles from the Romanian border. It is a great source of information to plan your birding trip. This is an ideal base for birders, photographers and nature lovers wishing to explore Durankulak Lake and surrounding areas.

Rooms and houses "Viola 1" and "Viola 2" offer 8 comfortable rooms , each of them with bathroom , TV , air conditioning, common kitchen and barbecue. The houses are located in the center of the village Ezerets, just minutes with car from the beach.

Houses in Bojanovo village, situated on the slopes of which the forest begins, without adjacent neighbourhood, and a huge gardens. The Pheasant consists of two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining-room, bathroom and toilet. The Walnuts offers two parts with separate entrances - large room suitable for a family & apartment for 4 adults.


"Wild Duck" Complex in Ezerets village

Wild Duck Bulgaria”

"Wild Duck" Complex in the nearest village of Ezerets, and is situated 5km of the town of Shabla and only 2km. of the pristine sandy beach. The hotel part of the complex offers peace and tranquility in five houses, each one with five rooms and a suite. Each room has a luxurious bathroom, satellite TV, air conditioning a spacious terrace.


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